Parenting support

Receive one-to-one support around all your parenting concerns from a parent-child relationship expert. Ask all of your questions in a safe space, and learn new tactics to tackle all of your parenting obstacles.

Walk away from our time together mastering how to:

  • Motivate your child
  • Set limits and stick to it
  • Regain a leadership role in your family
  • Increase your connection with your child
  • Trust your parenting voice

Figure out what works for you and allow me to help you tweak what no longer does! 


I use play therapy, assessment tools, and connection to identify what is standing in your child's way from:

  • being successful at school -- academically, behaviorally, and emotionally
  • making new friends or maintaining their current peer group
  • following rules or structure at home

From my observations and from consulting you, the parents, and other important providers, I am able to assess what hinders your child from reaching their fullest potential. Then, along with your support, I help your child learn more tools to cope with their challenges, express themselves more clearly, and return to the joy of being a child. 


With many years working with children and their families, I often see families get stuck in their patterns — missing each others’ cues, trying the same methods with frustrating results, and dissatisfied with their functioning; but this is not how it needs to remain.

You get to have the family dynamic you want to achieve — although hard work is required to help you get there.

Usually, the common objective for family members is love -- to feel it, receive it, and give it. Sometimes in a family, with the multiple players each with their own sphere outside the family bubble, things get lost, go unnoticed, or are dismissed. 

I can help you change this through reestablishing the hierarchy, reidentifying the parents as the experts of their children, and giving the child space to assert their needs and wants.