Prepare for your next big step in this prenatal group! Join other expecting mothers in learning about what is to come from a therapist, who specializes in relationships and parenting. In our six weeks, you will learn how to help with your child's social, emotional, and cognitive development and develop school readiness. Walk away with new tools, more supports, and more confidence!

START DATE: September 16th for 6 weeks
EVERY FRIDAY at 12:45pm
EARLY REGISTRATION (by September 1st): $475

REGISTRATION (after September 1st):


Get close again to your significant other. Physically and emotionally. Enjoy being together and learn how to understand each other on a deeper level. Remember why you feel in love, and take away tips to use at home to keep "the love alive". 

DATE: Friday, September 30th


Spend some good QT (quality time) with your cutie! In our time together, you and other new mothers will learn how to encourage your child's exploration and learning and help your child build his or her language skills. You will develop an increased emotional connection with your child and be more "in tune" with each other. You will learn how use positive guidance, and have a little fun!

START DATE: November 4th for 8 weeks
FRIDAYS at 12:45pm
EARLY REGISTRATION (by October 1st):
REGISTRATION (after October 1st):