Therapy is a space for you to explore the topics in your life that present a challenge, impeding you from obtaining your life objectives, and develop the tools to achieve your goals. 

Every person has his or her own stumbling blocks. These may include: 

  • worrying about your success/self-doubt
  • ambivalence about your profession or relationship
  • an inability to get your needs met
  • difficulty communicating clearly to others about your thoughts and opinions

Such issues often cause distress, preventing you from moving forward towards a happier, more fulfilling life. With the support of a trained mental health professional, we will unravel what is bringing you to a stand still —in your connections with friends, significant others, at work, or within yourself. Combining your insight and a variety of treatment methods, including CBT, solution-focused therapy, and psychodynamic therapy, I will recommend a treatment plan uniquely for you and then guide you through the process, so you can move forward, evolve, and achieve.